It is the mission of the University Centre for Distance Education to provide current and future students, as well as customers on further education courses, with quality education in a virtual academic environment, in accordance with the requirements of the labour market, namely:

- to train experts and teachers to develop e-learning courses for distance education, to use e-methods in teaching and to provide for conditions for the implementation of the ECTS /European Credit Transfer System/;

- to provide for opportunities for autonomous planning and development of flexible learning pathways, in compliance with the learning needs of trainees, suitable to be used for the qualification and retraining of specialists with a background and expertise in important economic spheres, which experience shortage of specialist; for the training of disadvantaged people; for the retraining of unemployed university graduates, etc.;

- to provide for electronic and multimedia tutorials, e-modules and e-learning courses for distance education and to ensure the work of the Centre methodologically;

- to develop and test MA programmes for distance learning;

- to provide students with various e-learning courses for distance education according to their learning needs and to allow for opportunities for additional qualifications;

- to develop distance education courses for lifelong learning, which give opportunities for the enhancement of professional skills and the acquisition of new knowledge, which are an important prerequisite for a successful realization on the labour market and the improvement of the quality of life;

- to create and develop an electronic repository for standardized teaching components; a system for educational management and intra-university monitoring system for the developed programmes and e-learning courses for distance education;